Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Bank Of China
 Undoubtedly, China is the growing star of the next Financial Giant! With recent disposal of 4 % of shares by Tamasek, there is a huge drop in share price of HK  3.3 to HK 3.13 and now with the Europe's Financial Crisis re-emerged from the surface, it faces a heavy sell down the PANIC peoples. People who are far sighted e.g PING AN (02318) , CHINA LIFE (02628), Soros and Morgan Sze, a former global head of GSPS, had absorbs those shares! 

Looking from the good side, coming > 5% dividends in June 2012. ( RMB 0.155) , the share price looks attractive! 
Whether it will be able to sustain at current level still depend on sentiments in CHINA and EUROPE ( Greece, General elections... etc). 

I am very sure in this company! why ? 5 star BLUE CHIP trading at PE of 6 and dividends of > 5 %!  This fulfilled the criteria of GROWTH+ TIME+ AGAINST the ODD! ( almost new low again! ) Downturn is always a Chance for collecting!
Questions to ponder: when to collect to get the maximum gain? 

For sure i can tell you , the BOC (3988) share prices will shoot up like no tomorrow. 
IT is just the matter of TIME!

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Next Target:
With recent sentiment of raising fund for Penang World City development, Malaysia General Election around the corner, Europe crisis... Ivory dropped to the new low RM 0.55  with high VOLUME!!  Will it follow Bjcorp footsteps of dropping to newer LOW? No one will know, at this moment of time, it really looks attractive, but the Market looks DOOM!!  Lets wait and see what is happening next? Let's us time the entry point!

 Market sentiment continues to be weak in view of the General Elections which are around the corner, not just in Malaysia, also in Europe country. Future master plan of government play an important role in market sentiment. This is always a chance for investor like you, considering raising fund of RM 500 Million, to buy a land of RM 1 Billion , RM 247 psf, in order to build a new township worth RM 10 Billions! What say you?