Thursday, 19 September 2013

Fong Siling : KFIMA

Why I like KFIMA 

1. Cash Rich
2. Shareholder of FIMACOR 61.92% ( contribute to EPS) 
3. Increase EPS for past few years. ( latest Quarter result was however dragged down by CPO price)
4. NTA RM 2.31 ( with each share have RM 0.9 cash!)
5. Coming Dividend 8% in October!
6. EPS 28. 9 cents
7. SUBUR RAHMAT keep on buying back the shares!

From recent low of RM 1.9 , it just starts its journey up again after the FED announced that they are not easing the QE yet. So, what say you? will KFIMA fly?

Monday, 16 September 2013


Determination is the Key for success!
Set your goals and move toward the direction! Don't ever change your course of sail in the middle just because of other people's words, critics. Or else it is an expensive lessons to be learn!
e.g. is Parkson at RM 3.8 at good bargain? Is MSC at RM 3.8 a good bargain? Is Sapind at RM 1.34 a good bargain?

To answer this question , you need to understand the who company!
1. Parkson: drop from sky to RM 3.2 and now crowing back to RM 3.8. MOST people will shout at you drop EPS with WEAK QE! drop from 7 cent to 2 cents! RUN RUN.... Parkson HK also drop from HK 7.6 to HK 3.2!! Question is ... is it a good buy?

It depends on how you look at it? GOOD points: blue chip at LOW, long history company, This is the downturn, it is the Opportunity! It is the Time. So ...
At the end of day, you need to weight both PRO and CONS , then make a decision for yourself!

If you ask me ...
Is Sapind at RM 1.20 a good buy? I will say... wait for the QE3.. if the result still not so good... I will buy at LOW! I knew the value of the company.

So, the key is... know your facts well... once you had make up your mind, DON't HESITATE... don't let other peoples decision deter you. MOVE forwards!

Let say you make up mind... BUY ABC RM 100K. just buy it when the time is right! and keep it under your pillow! don't hesitate. DOn't fear! when you done your homework!

Happy TRADING....!

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

As easy As ABC!

ABC finally started its engine and skyrocket! It breaks its 1st resistence HK 3.5, Now heading towards HK 3.8 (2nd resistence)....

Well, FA helps you to pick the stock. E.g at HK 3.09! not TA... But , TA may assist you in selling the stock! Both are important! Yeah!

So , Have you ABC? My ABC had gone up from my cost HK 3.09 (post dividend), HK 3.6 (pre dividend= HK 3.4 ex dividend). Gain almost 20% already!

Thursday, 5 September 2013

When Supermx become SuperMan!

When all the Fund Managers & Hot Money flow in... There is when our Patience rewards...!
> 10% gain within a day! 
Supermax Skyrocket today to its Year HIGH 2.76! 
The support and volume are so strong that I think it will continue for a few days!
Let 's wait and see for the time to reap the fruit!
FA + good Timing always the best!

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Fong Siling: L&G

Why Master Fong So Fond of L&G 

  1. Financial status
    •  the cash on hand of approximately 100 million 60 million ringgit , about 76 million ringgit in net debt , the hand holds a net cash 84 million ringgit , or 14 cents per share .

  2. Oppurnity
    • L&G had one of which is located in Sri Damansara (Sri Damansara) in a 300 feet high hills .This is located in the heart of Sri Damansara area of barren hills , an area of ​​42 acres , has always been considered to be unable to develop a "bad place ." Unexpectedly , the existing leadership of the company after the takeover , as much miraculous way , will this barren hills into a cornucopia . This is called Lin Yuan (FORESTA) plan will be 8-10 carved four years , worth more than 2 billion ringgit to build a total of 3,000 condominium apartments.

  3. Land Bank

    • Landmark Universal existing basement , including in the Perak State KERLING of 2500 acres of oil palm and rubber plantations in Sri Damansara 29.7 acres of commercial development land and 35.8 acres of land . In addition , the company 's 230 acres in Seremban 
so what are you waiting for?
  • Good EPS with increase EPS especially the Damansara project
  • Year LOW at Rm 0.305 to RM 0.330
  • Cheap Penny Stock with PE < 8