Thursday, 28 November 2013


A stock of controversy :

Good points: 
  • Financial result released on 27 November: good, eps 1.11 cents, giving the stock PE < 10 (
  • Increase NTA to RM 0.23
  • Currently at year low: RM 0.25 to RM 0.265 ( due to rumors? panic sell down after downgrade by RHB ? Major Shareholders sell down?)
  • Future growth +++ especially the pending awards of contracts by Ministry.
  • Business starts to turn around since last year June 2012 when the EPS increased handsomely from  0.01 cents to 1.11 cents!
Set backs:

By the way, RHB give a pro and cons of this company, it is worthwhile to read.
At the end of the day.... It is to decide whether to enter this company or not.
I would see this as an opportunity as the financial results are solid with the protected FUTURE GROWTH. 

What is your opinion?  

Friday, 22 November 2013

China WindPower... The STRONG wind Starts to Blow!!

After quiet for almost one year...
The China Wind Power starts to regain its power...
The Power is so Strong that... within two trading days, it shot up to > 10 % each day...
almost 20 % above my cost price...
What is moulding here?
Strong Quarter results? 
Getting more contracts to build the Wind Mill Power Grid? Solar Panel?
Let's wait and see... 
How the Sudden Surge in Volume lead the Share price?

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Shining Stars! PJDEV and LG

Latest Quarter results HOT from OVEN!
Stock Pick is about ... Undervalue and FUTURE GROWTH!
L&G fulfills both criteria.
well, I think the next quarter result will be shining as well despite the methods by government to cool down the property market currently! Let 's see! 

EPS also increase significantly ...
This explained why the CEO, directors keep on buy back the shares!
well, How High can PJDEV and its WC go? 
I can't predict... 
BUT , i know for sure... 
It is going to LEAP tomorrow! 

Monday, 18 November 2013


As time goes... It is time that our patience will be rewarded...
ABC seems to add steam to the ongoing bull run in the MARKET after CHina introduced new policy which investors think will strengthen the economy. 
ABC shot to HK 3.97  ( almost 20 - 30 % ) gain from our cost!
Let's wait and see!

As for PJDEV
let's take a look at the stock

I think something is brewing here for the company. 
I Not really sure what is this going to turn to...
But, I think it is going to push the share price higher and higher!!!
If you noticed, some one is collecting the PJDEV WC in BULK even at RM 0.35 - 0.36

Friday, 1 November 2013

While the Bull Keep on Running! Don't forget about "TECNIC"


  • This is the great example to show the importance of volume towards the share price. TECNIC has 40 Million shares issued! Daily Volume is really Thin. So... Once it shot up... It will Fly Like No TOmmorow! 
  • Strong EPS, Single Digit PE despite the BULL run... It still does not move...
  • Currently at Year LOW RM 3.03
  • Dividends next year May likely to be More Than 10 % 
  • No Bad News... Means good news! 
  • NTA 2.47, Cash Rich COmpany
  • I would say 20 to 30 % gain in 9 months time is no problem at all!