Thursday, 31 January 2013

Fong Siling: Bank Of China

Before we proceed to further discussion regarding BOC, the germ stock which I hold for quite sometime and plan for Long term Holding...
Let 's us read about some of the news article:

  • From here, seems like China Government has something great to implement for China ever since last year in the midst of Financial Turmoil by Euro Zone.
  • At the 5 months height of Share market now... either in Shanghai or Hang Seng, there is a strong bull which is in the mould!
  • Coupling with the strong performance of the BOC group, i anticipated the next quarter will be splendid with pending dividend of HK 0.250 pershare!
  • with the general election under the theme now, i think it is the matter of time for us to go in Malaysia KLSE while riding wave of Hang Seng Bull Market!
  • Let 's see where will the March Congress in China let us to!!!! 
Happy investing!!!! 

Friday, 18 January 2013

Fong Siling: KSL : the Hidden Gem

Human beings' norm... 
Is common... That is why common thing is common...
When people doing things... we follow... result will be not so OUTSTANDING ...
e.g. In KSL... When the Fund managers downgraded KSL to sell... It is the time to buy and HOLD...
When the Fund Manager and crowd joined the Rumors of Privatisation of KSL...
It shoots up to RM 1.75 highest... 
Then it is the TIME for smart people to take profit!

Master Fong Siling always said: 
Never buy a stock which you don't understand... 
How far you understand about KSL??

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Pre CNY rallies

Pre CNY normally will have short run of Rallies!  Well, it is the time to grab on the rally and sold as it up up up... ( Just to take profit before the coming general elections)


  1. Uchitech : doing fine, from the cost of RM 1.14 (Pre Dividend: 5 cents) --> Rm 1.19 ( + Rm0.10)
  2. Amedia : doing great , From day low of RM 0.185 shoot to RM 0.205 
  3. KSL: due to the Iskandar theme is making , with 4 tycoons from Malaysia to actively participate in Iskandar, it has slowly climbed to RM 1.57 again today! 
  4. YTLpower WB: doing great as well, now hovering at RM 0.445 ( in money Warrants) 
  5. BOC at HK 3.7, ICBC at HK 5.8, Windpower HK 0.345

Hopefully can get some CNY Ang Pao here! 

Friday, 11 January 2013

Fong Siling: AMEDIA

Asia Media: The Next Star in Main Board.
Why I choose Amedia ? 
  1. The NON tangible asset of its BROADCASTING licence:  the Asian media is the only company with a full range of outdoor television broadcasting license, you can engage in outdoor television broadcasting, entertainment, information, news, promotions and advertising.
  2. Steady Increase of EPS:  Asian media into service from 2007, so far, or the use of the traditional broadcast technology, outdoor television broadcasting. Now , they are extending their service to bus!
  3. Low PE ratio: 
  4. In an Expansion mode now : The company has set up a masterplan for 5-10 years! 
  5. Last but not least: to be listed in MAIN board soon! 

At current low at RM 0.195, it really looks attractive before the Main Board Listing Rally!