Wednesday, 14 August 2013

The Rally Starts

Penny Stocks recently become the favourite of many investors and traders...
SKpres, Amedia were among the most actively traded stocks recently with new HIGH volume , new HIGH!
Both raised more than 10 % of the cost within weeks. These are exactly what happened when you bought something small ( LOW PRICE) to have great GAIN!
Take Profit Along The Rise!
When others are Greedy... It is time to Be TIMID :) 

SKpres Directors starts to buy back its own shares! These are definitely a GOOD SIGN!

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Post Raya Rally

After the Long Weekend and Vacation, every people seem to be so excited about the market!
Let's us take a look at our position!

1. ABC Bank, HK

Seems to be doing excellent with recent rebound to > HK 3.4 ( 10% profit )

2. SKpres

Also doing some catch up after TA research data showed buy with target price of RM 0. 65  today.
It surged to RM 0.345 intra day high, closed at RM 0.34 ( > 7% gain within a week)

3. Supermx

Really Turned to be superman!

4. Amedia

Shoot to RM 0.16 from the cost of RM 0.15

Monday, 5 August 2013

SuperMx : When SuperMx Become Superman

When SuperMx Become Superman

For the past 1 year, the Glover Maker Supermx is not performing well in term of stock price...

  • Heavy sell down by EPF especially in APRIL 2013
  • some people said due to the CEO said he supports DAP in GE...? how true is this?

But there comes the good news:

  • No more sell down by EPF since May 2013
  • Increase EPS since recent QE 
  • PE still low around 12 compare to Peers ( Kossan 18, Harta 24, Topglove 18 ), Lagger come to peers
  • break through the RM 2.3 resistance today!
  • Increase EPS in COMING QE due to weaken of RM to DOLLAR , stand at RM 3.2 ++ to 1 US dollar!!
  • Increase of production by the machine implementation
  • Nevertheless, its good fundamental! within 10 years, its revenue had multiple 10 x from RM 141 Million to RM 1,120 Million! 

Will Supermx continue its uptrend in coming days/ weeks/ months... Let's us watch and see!

MGIM 2013


  1. NTA: RM 0.22
  2. Postive Revenue with increase EPS past 10 years
  3. Recent QE slightly drop, but overall EPS cumulative 4.5 c ( better than last year)
  4. Avarage Target price for research company: > RM 0.50
  5. Shortfall: The director of company sold off the share from RM 0.335 to RM 0. 365 since end of last year.... But , the sell down had ceased since July 2013. 
  6. Company proposed 0.9 cents dividend recently ( date to be announced later), DIvidend ^ 3-4%
  7. Recently company activities included...ACQUISITION OF OF TWO (2) ORDINARY SHARES OF RM1.00 EACH, REPRESENTING 100% EQUITY INTERESTS IN ANCHOR IMPRESSION SDN. BHD. ("Anchor Impression") _ Seems like company is increasing its production capacity to increase the company EPS
  8. Same thing go to Tecnic, Both same company's Director!
  9. Almost year low currently, what are you waiting for! During the low, when people stand side line.... It is the oppurtunity. RM 0.30 to RM 0.315 is a good catch! Wish you Luck! 

Model: Taken in Miss Global International Malaysia , 2013
Younger version of Sity Norhaliza