Thursday, 3 April 2014

wow! > 30 % gain Within 1 month, China Railway... Getting the POWER

UBS: China Rail Cons, China Railway, China State Con to benefit most from supporting policies
2014-04-03 12:31:03
The State Council proposed a series of measures to support the economic growth, including the establishment of an entity by China Development Bank to support the shanty town renovation, establishment of railway development fund, aiming to raise RMB200-300 billion every year, etc.

In the latest research report, UBS noted that CHINA RAIL CONS (01186.HK)  +0.500 (7.215%)    Short selling $61.49M; Ratio 16.481%     CHINA RAILWAY (00390.HK)  +0.190 (5.094%)    Short selling $19.89M; Ratio 11.697%    , which have large exposure on railway, and CHINA STATE CON (03311.HK)  +0.380 (2.870%)    Short selling $8.90M; Ratio 9.342%    , which focuses on affordable housing, will be the major beneficiaries for the policies.

CHINA STATE CON estimated that the affordable housing new orders will rise 46% yearly this year to RMB22 billion, and the management disclosed that it hopes to spend five years to raise the market share of affordable housing in China from 1% to 5%. 

I never know the news come out so fast so furious!
The China Railway showed a shooting stars! Up to HK 4.07.
I sold 50 % of my holdings with a gain of > 30%!

Will wait for next high to sell it!
Will it reach its 52 week high of HK 4.69? 

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

China Railway, > 20% gain within a Month! ( means > 200% gain per annum)

Well, Buying at Low is the Strategic!
Buying China Railway at HK 3.07 ... Now reaching HK 3.75 ( day High) ....
Each stock gaining HK 680 is a lot!
Well... The coming dividend of HK o.088 cents is another bonus!
It will be no problem for it to shoot back to HK 4... ( not even the year high of HK 4.65!)
Lot of room of improvement still!