Saturday, 22 March 2014

China Railway, Another potential 50 % gain in this year!

In stock market, we should always know about the POTENTIAL growth of the company! This is the gem stock I mentioned is the last article! The China Railway, HK (00390) is a star stock which will potential give you another 50 % gain this year!

- Year Low ( at HK 3- 3.30)
- Potential gain from mega infrastructure projects ( 5 railway projects ) by China Government to stimulate the economic growth!  ( )
- Steady growth of the EPS.
- a 5 STAR blue chip company of HSCEI components

As the Mr Koon Yew Yin always says....
"consider the most important share selection criterion is profit growth prospect."

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Great NEWS!!! another opportunity to gain 50 % this year!!

"NDRC had recently approved five railroad construction projects, which involved a total investment value of RMB142.4 billion. 

Among the five construction proposals, the railway connecting Hangzhou and Huangshan was the most expensive project with an investment of RMB36.55 billion."

This is a newspaper quote from AAstock. HK

Some company will definitely benefit from this news... Hope it does not take you long to guess it! 

Take a look at this chart...
Year LOW! definitely a good entry point for this stock! 
I took a position at HK 3.08.... Hopefully it can reach its year high again once the projects details further announce!
I will further describe the stock later :P 

Found one sure win stock for tomorrow!

Tomorrow is going to be a great day!
I found a gem stock....
at least gain 10 % within 3 months!
Hopefully can get some lots in ...
Despite having some already in my pocket!
Keep Fingers Cross!

Dear Friends...
Let take a guess .... What is this stock?

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Next Sure Win Theme: Plantation!

There are a lot of good news awaiting the CPO to climb up to its peak price after the long 2 years!
the CPO price has been depressed for the past 2 years! Now... It stands at RM 2800 ++ per tonne.
What does this imply? This means the EPS for the plantation companies are going to increase fantastically!


  • CPo futures jump across the board amid bullish sentiment at palm oil conference!
  • if the Ukraine Crisis persist, Brent oil can raise to> US 110 / barrel. ( will rise the CPO as well)
  • Dry weather at America affects the bean crop and increase the demand for edible oil from palm oil.
out of so many stocks... which stocks to be chosen?

Let's us look at the POTENTIAL growth!
  1. Land bank for further cultivation of plantation
  2. Palm trees those are not mature yet
Let's take a look at Cepat Wawasan. It's EPS starts to turn around recently. increases to 3.89c! with a coming dividend of RM 0.02 per share. NTA of RM 1.3 + . It is a sure win bet! 
A position took at RM 0.945+- 

Reasons for picking Cepat:

  1. Steady increase in young Palm trees (< 5 years)- Company is planting new Palm trees to substitute OLD palm trees 
  2. Good Dividend yeild. Coming dividend at Rm 0.02 . I am expecting increasing in dividend in financial year 2014 as the CPO price rise to RM 2800
  3. NTA is more than the share price.  This means that if any Giant Plantation company is going to buy CEPAT, they need to pay higher price for the share! Just like potential seller Dutaland! 

Downward risks:
  1. Increment of import duty by India
  2. Refusal of China to purchase Malaysia Palm Oil?