Monday, 22 April 2013

Fong Siling: Success Transformer!

1) Continuous 10-year record of profitability

Ten consecutive years can surely not too much to maintain a profitable company, which proves that the company management minister is quite good, but also reduces the possibility of false accounts to buy stocks is to buy equity in the company to make money is make money for shareholders, buy this company's stock must be held for the long-term, continuous accumulated wealth, in order to get rich. Earned a 20% or 30% put the stock to sell, it is difficult to get rich. .

  2) a stable dividend

  Price ups and downs of Man does not know stable or higher than the bank's dividend is to bring investors a stable return.

  3) low price-earnings ratio

  Times price-earnings ratio lower than the price to be value investment

  4) growth

  Buy the stock, be sure to keep track of company news, the company must have to grow to attractive returns to investors, such as corporate earnings for two or three quarters of a large number of dropped or loss, not any particular reason, it shall immediately retireshares.

So, Why Success?
  1. Good EPS and with increase EPS likely from the O&G sector which the company recently invest in.
  2. good Dividend yield with recently announced 6% dividend
  3. PE of 4-5
  4. NTA:  RM 1.66 which is 53 cent discount from current share price! 

Success! Let's Success! 

Friday, 5 April 2013

Opcom: Be greedy when others are fearful!

Opcom Holdings Berhad is a Malaysia-based investment holding company. The Company is engaged in renting of building and providing management services to its subsidiaries. The Company operates in three segments: manufacturing, which is engaged in the manufacture of fiber optic cables and systems; trading and engineering services, which is engaged in general trading of fiber and other cable production materials and provision of engineering services, and other operations activities, which is engaged in management service and investment holding activities. Its subsidiaries are Opcom Cables Sdn. Bhd., Opcom Niaga Sdn. Bhd. and Opcom Shared Services Sdn. Bhd.

Recently...Telekom Malaysia (TM) revoked its RM92.5 million contract to Opcom Holdings Bhd that was awarded last October to supply and deliver single-mode optical fibre cables and other cables. 

In a statement yesterday, Opcom said its subsidiary, Opcom Cables Sdn Bhd, has received a letter of revocation from TM and is currently in discussion with TM to negotiate a reinstatement of the award.

What do you think about the revocation of contract? Do you think ....
Read this:

Do you think they will get back their contract ? very Likely...

Other reasons:
  • NTA 0.59
  • Div > 10% 
  • Coming April & September dividend
  • PE: 5 
  • EPS 12 cents
  • ROE >15%
  • Currently at year low 0.735~!

Let's Rocks!

Update on BREM. Coming dividend at 3% in April. I think the company try to stablize the stock price at current price by distribute the dividends in 2 quarters. Besides, HEAVY share buy back also noted. At current level of RM 1.12. It is really safe!