Thursday, 20 December 2012

Updates: Kulim & Uchi tech

  • As predicted, January 2013 coming with pending special dividends announcement, KULIM shoots up from my buying price at RM 4.4! now reaching RM 4.82~ ( 9 % gain in less than 3 weeks!)
  • Heavy share buyback buy Kulim as well, definitely a strong bull for KULIM!!!

  •  As predicted as well, pending dividends of 5 cents per share, let the share price hovering from RM 1.13 to RM 1.19 ( 5-6 cents) , reaching my target price! sell again!
  • Profits of around 4% in less than a month! 
  • I try to be cash now to plan for more buying opportunities! 

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Fong Siling: High Dividend Stock! e.g UCHI Tec

Mr Fong Siling said  these during the 2012 high-quality real estate & Home Exhibition" was held at the Sunway Pyramid Convention and Exhibition Centre, Sunway. " In view of the recent years sky rocketing value of the estate, but the rent does not keep up with, so the current price, the purchase industry as an investment, rate of return is only about 3%, In my opinion, rather than buy industrial rent collection, and it is better to consider the industry to buy high-dividend shares as an investment, depending on the dividend for rent, more cost-effective." The night to come to listen to my speech audience must remember, I once set an example, "for the industry, as the stock, depending on the dividend of the concept of rent."

Why UCHI tec?
  1. High Dividend stock with Dividend yield at > 10% ( 12cents) 
  2. High ROE company > 20%
  3. PE < 10
  4. Shareholders: SINGAPORE government!
  5. Currently near Year LOW!
  6. Coming dividend in December ( Christmas present!!!) 5 cents!
What is your View?