Sunday, 28 July 2013


As most of the stocks with good fundamental are currently at HIGH...
What should we do?
Well, sometimes in market , we must learn to do NOTHING...
When Nothing need to be done...
Be patience ...
and Wait for the Opportunities! 

Photo taken in MGIM , Miri 2013

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

YTLPower... Gaining its Power

It is been a while after I updated my portfolio regarding YTLPower WR which I bought 9 months back....

Well, take a look a recent rally of YTLPOWER after the rumors of privatisation of the company by Mr TL. Yeoh... It shoots up from cost of RM 0.39 to current level with profit of more than 30% within 9 months!

So... What is the Target Price for this company?
I really have no idea...
I knew that it is time to take profit soon! 

Congratulations to those who bought and keep at low! now it is time for celebration! 

Saturday, 13 July 2013

Now what is left?

As we can see, the Us stock market has been skyrocketed from the bottom to years high! Seems like every stock had been rallied for some time... What is left for us?

Always... Remember, there are a lot of opportunities!
Do you remember that China, the second largest market is having CASH CRUNCH crisis currently... that its TOP CLASS bank: Namely ABC, BOC, CCB, ICBC is having its year low.

Reasons for those banks:

  • World class bank ( good fundamental with good liquidity)
  • Year low currently 
  • High Dividends  ( 6-7%)
  • Some Fund Manager e.g. Temasek is grabbing the stocks like no tommorrow despite the recent fall
  • Future earning is awesome judging that China is going to overtake US and become world first strongest Financial Country!
So what are you waiting for!

As for Malaysia stocks....
Take a look at :
  • Tecnic 
  • Parkson
  • Sapind
which seems to not doing so well, but i forsee the future is going to rebound from the bottom!
Have a pleasant journey!