Sunday, 16 February 2014

100% return in 3 months! another 100% to go in one month time? ( financial result coming out soon)

On the 14 February 2014, the mother share shot up to RM 1.50 again. The son, PJDEV -WC shot up to RM 0.65 ( 100 % from my cost at RM 0.32 ++).

I am confidence that the coming quarter result will be great! 
  • strong queue to buy the mother share at RM 1. 40 ( very strong support)
  • End of February will be release of the quarterly financial results! ( I bet it is the great one)
  • Once the result is out... I think it may shot up to > RM 0.70 
But Surely....

Do refer back to my old postings for other fundamental of the Stock!