Wednesday, 22 January 2014

CQRC bank! 03618,Another Sure Win Bank In the Horse Year!

Master Koon Yew Yin uses to say...

Selection criteria
There are many stock selection criteria such as P/E ratio, dividend yield, NTA, price to book value, good cash flow etc. which all investors follow to make normal profit. I consider the most important criterion is “profit growth prospect”. Can the company continue to make increasing profit this year, next year and year after next year. If you can find a company with good profit growth prospect, you will be able to make exceptional profit.
With no disrespect to professional fund managers, they consider current earning most important and as a result they miss out those companies with poor current earning but with tremendous profit growth prospect. You can buy them cheaply because the funds are not interested.  

I Believe that same goes to my recent HK baby stock! CQRC...
Why I like CQRC ....
  • FUTURE GROWTH: China is one of the fastest growing countries in economy... Especially in recent years! All the industries are booming! When they booms, they need money to expand the companies! So... Who do they borrow money from? of course! the BANKER! Being the Top 10 bank in Hong Kong, CQRC has the reasons to gain from these! Not to forget... China is a country that it can chatter for its populations ' demands for all the goods.... Do you know that the TaoBao of CHina is so much bigger than EBAY of US!!!!
  • Recent sentiment in China push down most of the bank stocks to near year low! Funds... making Fun... They Fleed! This give us an opportunity to buy at low...CQRC hitting HK 3.38 in 20 Jan 2014. Well, is it the bottom? I don't know .... But, I think it is a good price for me to buy in this business in view of its FUTURE growth!
  •  Do take a careful look at the balances sheet below:..... Net profit had been multiplied by 2x in 3 years! with latest EPS 72 cents giving a PE of less than 10 for a bank stock! WOWOW... Take another look at its NTA : HK 4.2 !!! ( at HK 3.46, closing price today), it is almost 30 % discount of the share! What about another bonus! Take a look at its Dividend yield... > 6% ( I think for financial year 2013, At least HK 0.22 dividend will be given in May 2014)

Do take a detour here to see how does CRQC bank operates...
You must understand your stock.... This is quoted from Koon Yew Yin Blog! 

Buy Businesses
Companies with good profit growth prospect and poor current earning are always available irrespective of the KLCI, market trend or market noise. You have to know the business you are buying, and that means being passionate about knowing everything about that company.
You must look for businesses that you can easily understand because you have to be able to make an educated guess about the future earnings of the business. The more complex a business is, the more uncertain your projections will be. Simple businesses also have an advantage, as it's harder for incompetent management to make big mistake to affect the bottom line.

This are enough reasons for me to buy this stocks!
I am confident that by end of Year 2014, at least 25 % gain from this stock!

Friday, 10 January 2014

Do you want 50% gain in less than 1 month! PJDEV Wc

TO my surprise, this come faster than I thought! In less than 1 month, the paper gain raise >  50 % in less than one month!

Based on the reasons I gave, 
I think... It is possible for the share price to rise to > 100 % gain soon! 
  1. Either the coming financial result will be AWESOME ....
  2. Or the merger of PJDEV and OSK PROP will become real?
  3. Not to forget the Proposal to dispose PJD tower in 31 December 2013.


 6.1 Share Capital and Substantial Shareholders’ shareholding

The Proposed Disposal does not have any impact on the issued and
paid-up share capital, the substantial shareholders’ shareholding and
shareholding structure of PJDH.

6.2 Net Assets (“NA”), NA per share and Gearing

Based on the audited consolidated statement of financial position of
the PJDH group as at 30th June 2013, net assets per share of the
group will increase by approximately RM0.22 per share as a result of
the net gain arising from the Proposed Disposal of approximately
RM101.0 million.

In addition, the gearing of PJDH Group will also reduce as the
proceeds to be received from the Proposed Disposal will be partially
utilised towards the repayment of bank borrowings.

6.3 Earnings and Earnings Per share (“EPS”)

The Proposed Disposal is expected to realise a net gain of
approximately RM101.0 million representing earning per share of
approximately RM0.22 per share. 

Let's us hold on tight! 

Monday, 6 January 2014

PJDEV wc ! it is time to DOUBLE your INCOME in a YEAR! Go Double Double!

Despite PjDev wc had shot up to RM 0.43, there are still more room for it to rise!
I am not surprised if it shoot up > 100% in a year time! 
Reasons you should own PJDEV wc
It is the FUTURE GROWTH that I am looking at!

  1. Let's us look at the property divisions. Upcoming You project in Cheras ( commercial & residential) as well as You One in USJ. These are going to contribute positively to coming financial result. Not to forget current handful projects: in Penang ( Woodsbury Suites, Wellesley Residences) , Johor ( Taman Putri Kulai), Selangor ( You vista tower, You One, D' majestic) etc. Not to forget about the property leasing under PJDEV! 
  2. As for olympic cable division. It has been manufacturing Power Utility cables since 1968, and subsequently acquired by PJDEV in 1990. Since then had been contribute significantly to PJDEV! 
  3. Not to forget the hotel Division. Since 2014 is the Visit Malaysia Year, Swiss Garden arm of PJDEV is going to grow from the tourism! Among them, Swiss Garden, Swiss Inn, Swiss Villa, pangkor, Gurney Resort Hotel, Northam Hotel, penang...And the DAMAI Laut! 
  4. Other thing worth mention is the ACOTEC wall Panel, one of the division in PJDEV. This are contributing positively to the business especially their GREEN product! I forsee it is going to have great future as eco friendly concept is blooming! 
  5. Rumors of merger between PJDEV and OSKPROP... Rumors still are rumors..But, the fact is that the NTA of PJDEV stand at RM 2.12. Either merger or privatisation, the price of stock offer will be around RM 2.12. ( Conversion price of PJDEV is RM 1) . This means the warrant price has the potential to be RM 1.12 ( almost 200% from current RM 0.43) 

How far can PJDEV Wc go? 
Let's us wait and see! 

Thursday, 2 January 2014

New Year! New Resolution! New Power Of PJDEV

PJdev Wc Seems to have a great kick start in Year 2014!
Reaching year High of RM 0.42 and settle at RM 0. 405
( Cost price RM 0.33)
Does it have potential growth? YES!!!!
  • Break the resistence of RM 0.36
  • Increase EPS recently due to stronger sales ! 
  • heavy Share buy back by directors! ( Privatisation ?) 
  • Still have room of upswing? Definately! Conversion at RM 1.00, NTA at RM 2.12. If privitisation at RM 2.12... the son of PJDEV wc will be at RM 1.12! ( wow~) 
  • Definitely a safe bet! 
  • Fundamental strong!!!! 
Let's Rock !