Sunday, 16 June 2013

Fong Siling: Why Tecnic?

If you happen to read about the annual report year 2012 for Tecnic group, what will you realise?
Yes, the answer is Mr Fong Siling is one of the major shareholder with 180,000 (0.45%) share!

Why Mr Fong bought Tecnic?
Answer is simple:

1. The price is correct. Currently at year low RM 3-rm 3.30
2. Good EPS
3. High dividend company
4. Future growth is superb!

So, what are you waiting for?

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Fong Siling: ABC bank (1288)

Current down turn due to uncertainty in Fed 's Momentary Stimulus plan, poor PMI of China dragged down the HKSE. Despite there is still room of drop, let's us take a look at ABC bank , HK.


Reasons for ABC: 
  1. ROE > 15%
  2. PE < 10
  3. 5 stars world class bank
  4. Dividend yield at 5%
  5. Increase EPS
  6. MOST IMPORTANT THINGS: China is the world second largest economy center with big populations, I can see FUTURE GROWTH for the company is so strong here!!!
  7. Currently almost touching year low! 

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Fong Siling: Sapind

Master Fong Siling said, to choose a good stock, pick a stock with
1. High Dividend
2. Capital Appreciation / further growth of the company
3. Able to resist the drop in Stock market.

Among them, Sapura Industrial fulfill all these criteria.
But, due to its reduce EPS and poorer result last year ( which EPS of 18 cents for year 2012), its share price at discount to its fair value!

It had been linger around RM 1.3-1.5 for quite a long time. It is time for its recovery soon!
Reasons for Sapind:
1. PE < 10 , EPS 18 cents
2. Future growth ( given its strategic plan for expansion )
3. NTA RM 1.1
4. High dividend.
5. Currently at almost year low!
The 7th Biggest Share Holder! Master Fong!