Sunday, 14 October 2012

Fong Siling: Glove Maker...


Over the past 10 years, the Malaysian glove industry thriving, completely free from the impact of the economic recession, the sub-prime financial tsunami did not slow down the growth of the company.

Addition to the Top Glove, the other listed glove companies, including Supermax, Hartalega, profits, stability and so on, and also the performance of the standard green, in the next 10 years, according to the demand of international research institutions, gloves, maintain a growth rate of 8-10%.

Gloves shares as shareholders to create amazing wealth, but only a long-term investment of shareholders in order to enjoy the wealth created by the growth of the glove industry, those short-term speculators, buy a small profit on disposal can only get a teeny small Lee, salaried class investors, investment, investment growth is too low, when they retire is difficult to achieve the goal of financial autonomy.

A slight profit on the disposal, by no means the cumulative wealth of the road.

Sit on the Formula One project is the "reverse", and is cheap to buy, but the low price does not guarantee profits, it is the second project is the "growth", growth, such as Top Glove, long-term growth trend, but the only long-term holding in order to fully enjoy the fruitful business growth, short-term investments as if on picking one kilogram can grow up to 5 kg of watermelon, can not enjoy the sweet ripe watermelon.

  • If you notice, recently glove maker had been actively come out in the headlines of news! Why? 
  • 2 companys- e.g Latexx is being bought by other company.
  • the EPS of glove maker such as Top Glove is Fabulous! Same go to Supermx which is expansion mode!! 
  • The research showed that the international demand for glove is going to raise at the rate of 8-10 % , what about the profit margin? especially for Supermx which is moving towards automated systerm? 

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