Monday, 5 August 2013

SuperMx : When SuperMx Become Superman

When SuperMx Become Superman

For the past 1 year, the Glover Maker Supermx is not performing well in term of stock price...

  • Heavy sell down by EPF especially in APRIL 2013
  • some people said due to the CEO said he supports DAP in GE...? how true is this?

But there comes the good news:

  • No more sell down by EPF since May 2013
  • Increase EPS since recent QE 
  • PE still low around 12 compare to Peers ( Kossan 18, Harta 24, Topglove 18 ), Lagger come to peers
  • break through the RM 2.3 resistance today!
  • Increase EPS in COMING QE due to weaken of RM to DOLLAR , stand at RM 3.2 ++ to 1 US dollar!!
  • Increase of production by the machine implementation
  • Nevertheless, its good fundamental! within 10 years, its revenue had multiple 10 x from RM 141 Million to RM 1,120 Million! 

Will Supermx continue its uptrend in coming days/ weeks/ months... Let's us watch and see!

MGIM 2013

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